Effects of Monthly Practice on Nursing Students’ CPR Psychomotor Skill Performance

Oermann et al. Resuscitation. 2011;82:447-453

Importance of Conclusion

Brief, monthly practice sessions helped providers retain CPR psychomotor skills and improved these skills over baseline.

Key Points

  • Differences in compression depth, ventilation volume and the percent of compressions and ventilations performed with adequate depth and volume were significant for nursing students that had brief monthly practice sessions and those that did not.
  • Nursing students that received monthly practice sessions had no skills decay in accurate compression depth over 12-months, while students that did have monthly refreshers showed a significant loss of adequate compression depth beginning at 9 months and continued to decline.
  • Nursing students that received monthly practice sessions steadily improved ventilation volume by 6 months, maintaining proficiency over time. Students that did not have monthly refreshers were not able to achieve correct ventilation volume over the 12-month period.
  • The results also demonstrated that self-directed CPR skill practice on a manikin with some form of automated feedback was a viable option for delivering frequent practice sessions to nursing students.

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