Low-Dose, High-Frequency CPR Training Improves Skill Retention of In-Hospital Pediatric Providers

Sutton et al. Pediatrics.2011;128:e145-e151

Importance of Conclusion

Low-dose, high-frequency training sessions (or “booster” sessions) more than doubled providers’ retention of high-quality CPR skills.

Key Points

  • Not only have varying rates of skill acquisition been documented after traditional AHA training classes, but also universally poor skill performance of providers 3 to 6 months after CPR training has been established.
  • The percentage of healthcare providers performing excellent CPR more than doubled (from 26% to 65%) when healthcare providers were retrained 3 times over 6 months by using an automated manikin system with real-time feedback.
  • Skills sessions were completed during the participants’ normal working hours in patient care areas.

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