Undergraduate nursing students’ acquisition and retention of CPR knowledge and skills

Madden C. Nurse Education Today. 2005; (26), 218-227

Importance of Conclusion

Undergraduate nursing students demonstrated a significant decay of both CPR knowledge and skill 10 weeks following CPR training.

Key Points

  • When assessed on CPR cognitive knowledge via an exam, only 6% of learners could pass post 1-year of a CPR training course. 72% were able to immediately pass a post-test of CPR training and only 44% were able to pass a re-test 10 weeks post CPR training.
  • None of the students were able to demonstrate a passing score of CPR skills post 1-year of CPR training. Learners showed significant improvement in CPR scores immediately post a CPR training, but showed a significant decrease in CPR skills 10 weeks following CPR training.
  • The study supports existing research on the need for CPR skill acquisition and maintenance of competency over time with increased frequency of training.

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