An Exploratory Study of a Novel Adaptive e-Learning Board Review Product Helping Candidates Prepare for Certification Examinations

Healy et al. AMEE MedEdPublish. 2018;

Importance of Conclusion

First-time resident/fellow and physician test takers using adaptive technology to prepare for the ABIM board certification had a significantly higher proportion of users pass on their first attempt than the national pass rate average (95% vs 89%).

Key Points

  • The highest ranked learning features of adaptive technology ranked by learners were practice exams, adaptive delivery of questions and reports on progress, performance, and metacognition.
  • Learners rated the adaptive learning technology substantially more helpful in preparing them for the board certification exam than the best of the other resources they had used (n=139, 16.6%).
  • The adaptive technology integrated the application of metacognition for learners to effectively think critically and self-assess, identified as important skills in lifelong learning, health-professional organization and accreditation bodies.

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