Automated Testing Combined With Automated Retraining to Improve CPR Skill Level in Emergency Nurses

Mpotos et al. Nurse Educ Pract. 2015;15(3):212-217

Importance of Conclusion

Automated testing with feedback effectively detected emergency nurses who needed CPR retraining; this type of training and retesting improved skills to a predefined pass level.

Key Points

  • Nurses have a professional responsibility to remain competent in CPR through regular updates.
  • The proportion of nurses achieving a pass level was low enough to confirm rapid skill decay.
  • Because not all nurses trained until success, achieving CPR competence remains an important individual and institutional motivational challenge.
  • The use of frequent assessments may identify those individuals requiring additional training.
  • According to several investigators the most powerful tool for learning improvement consist in delivering individualized feedback and feedforward after a test.

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