Effectiveness of an Adaptive Quizzing System as a Self-Regulated Study Tool to Improve Nursing Students’ Learning

Simon-Campbell E, Phelan JC. Nurse Educator. 2018;5:246-251

Importance of Conclusion

The utilization of adaptive quizzing as a self-regulated learning strategy for nursing students both during and after nursing school and indicate that as students actively study and learn in the system, their mastery of course content increases.

Key Points

  • Strong, positive correlation between the number of questions answered and overall mastery level; with increased usage students were better able to correctly answer more difficult question and mastery of content improved.
  • Allowing students to take quizzes, study, retake quizzes, and study again, students can benefit from learning gains shown in mastery learning.
  • Evidence suggests that having information from self-testing can improve students’ judgement of their own learning.
  • Most highly ranked survey item by nursing students was related to finding the relationship between what they are learning and already know.

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