The Effect of Instructional Method on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Skill Performance A Comparison Between Instructor-Led Basic Life Support and Computer-Based Basic Life Support With Voice-Activated Manikin

Wilson-Sands et al. J Nurses Staff Dev. 2015;31(5):E1-E7

Importance of Conclusion

Findings suggest a computer-based learning course with voice-activated
manikins is a more effective method of training for improved CPR performance than instructor-led courses.

Key Points

  • BLS instructors who teach in the traditional classroom setting are challenged with reliably validating the psychomotor skills of participants.
  • Using feedback devices as an adjunct to CPR skill training can improve immediate skills performance.
  • Students who used audiovisual feedback prompts performed with significantly better chest compressions than the instructor-led group both immediately and at 6 weeks after initial instruction.
  • Results suggest that the voice-activated manikin may be more effective for correcting skills performance than the feedback provided by instructors during instructor-led BLS courses.

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