• Foundation of Knowledge

    Establishing a foundation of knowledge for learners to enter a low-dose, high-frequency model for effective recall of knowledge.

  • Low-Dose

    Learning provided in smaller, chunked doses.

  • Repetition

    Learning provided in repeated doses over a prolonged period of time.

  • Refresher/Booster Learning

    Opportunities of recall for knowledge and skill that are structured around a learner’s foundation of knowledge.

— Low-Dose, High-Frequency Research —

RCT comparing the clinical effectiveness of conventional instructor-facilitated cardiac compression training to technology enhanced training using high-fidelity mannequins – A pilot study

While effective chest compressions are the foundation of resuscitation efforts and significantly positively influence outcomes, the quality of compressions provided by healthcare providers is poor. International consensus is to provide ...

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation retention training for hospital nurses by a self-learner skills station or the traditional instructor led course: A randomised controlled trial

Study demonstrates that skills stations providing feedback are a feasible tool for required frequent retraining and retraining when compared to instructor-led formats. CPR skills performance for hospital nurses using a ...