Self-learning basic life support: A randomised controlled trial on learning conditions

Pedersen TH, Kasper N, Roman H et al. Resuscitation. 2018;126:147-153

Importance of Conclusion

Three months after training, self-learners using a BLS kit with no facilitator demonstrated better skills retention than students who used the same BLS kit with facilitator-led teaching, performing a higher percentage of correct compressions.

Key Points

  • Although the percentage of correct compressions 3 months after training fell significantly among those who participated in facilitator-led training (48% directly after training vs 28% at follow-up), in self-learners it did not (42% vs 47%).
  • After 3 months, self-learners began administering ventilation much earlier in CPR than facilitator-led learners did.
  • Advantages of learning without instructors, in addition to better skill retention, include the ability to retrain at the convenience of students whenever needed, and savings on instructor salaries.

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