Use of a Real-Time Training Software (Laerdal QCPR®) Compared to Instructor-Based Feedback for High-Quality Chest Compressions Acquisition in Secondary School Students: A Randomized Trial

Cortegiani et al. PLoS One. 2017; 12(1): e0169591

Importance of Conclusion

For chest compression technical skill acquistion, in secondary school students, a training for chest compressions based on a real-time feedback software (Laerdal QCPR®) guided by an instructor is superior to instructor-based feedback training.

Key Points

  • Feedback from the software may improve the acquisition of the ability to perform chest compressions with adequate recoil. Mechanical devices such as the manikin used in the study with audiovisual feedback and others ensure accurate feedback about skills, enabling corrections and improvements that help guarantee correct training.
  • Guidelines highlight the option of chest compression only CPR for lay people, since this may increase the willingness to perform CPR by bystanders and early institution of high-quality chest compressions may represent the single intervention with a major role in the overall patient.

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