Cardiopulmonary resuscitation retention training for hospital nurses by a self-learner skills station or the traditional instructor led course: A randomised controlled trial

Sand, K. et al. Resuscitation Plus. 2021

Importance of Conclusion

Study demonstrates that skills stations providing feedback are a feasible tool for required frequent retraining and retraining when compared to instructor-led formats. CPR skills performance for hospital nurses using a skills station for recertification was similar to instructor led training both at 2 and 8 months following recertification.

Key Points

  • Certified nurses that received CPR training via a skills station with feedback performed a higher proportion of correct ventilations 8 months post training when compared to nurses that had received CPR training via an instructor.
  • When comparing the performance of all other CPR parameters 8 months post training, CPR quality was statistically similar between nurses that had received training from either a skills station or an instructor.
  • Nurses that received training on the skills station and that were retrained and tested 2 months post training showed highly significant improvement in all measured CPR parameters.
  • Those nurses that had received retraining at 2 months via the skills station were able to maintain CPR proficiency 8 months later, emphasizing the need for frequent retraining in CPR skills.
  • Study also notes via the support of literature that CPR skill stations have been shown to be effective in both initial skills acquisition and could help identify health professionals in need of retraining.

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