Effect of Audiovisual Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Feedback Device on Improving Chest Compression Quality

Chia-Ying, L. et al. Scientific Reports. 2020

Importance of Conclusion

Study demonstrates that real-time feedback devices with auditory and visual components help physicians and nurses in improving the quality of chest compressions.

Key Points

  • Pediatric participants that practiced CPR with audiovisual feedback provided by a manikin demonstrated statistically significant improvements with their performance of chest compression rate and depth.
  • With the use of audio-visual feedback, the overall percentage of participants meeting the target AHA guideline for compression rate improved from 49.82% to 71.23%.
  • The overall percentage of participants meeting the target compression depth improved from 73.77% to 85.63% with the aid of an audio-visual feedback device.
  • While the use of real-time feedback is recommended for all clinic staff in improving CPR quality, significant improvements were observed in participants that were classified as residents or fellows, which typically have more experience than nurse and clerk groups.
  • Overall, excessive pediatric compression rates were commonly observed in the study, but were improved upon with the aid of audio-visual feedback.

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